Here are some things I want to teach you before you get here and this is 21 years of my life experiences dedicated to you. ☁️🌸

DISCLAIMER: To my readers, no, I’m not pregnant (I have no kids and I’m not expecting) but if you have a little human who just arrived, growing up or even on their way — I’d like to offer advice, if I may. Please take it lightly as I never mean to offend anyone’s lifestyle choices.

I said I love you and that’s forever
And this I promise from the heart
I could not love you any better
I love you just the way you are.
— William Martin Joel

Thank you 🌼

- Joy.

To Joy’s Daughter & Daughter’s of Pals:

  1. Please don’t be offended by other people’s perception of you. Although your metal armour shines, realize how delicate and precious you are at the core. 🍏

  2. Chin up, always. Your chin should never point towards the floor unless you’re checking your phone (who knows what device they’ll have in the future, amirite?)

  3. Do NOT tolerate disrespect from ANYONE; Maintain mumma’s chill and easeee on by. ☀️

  4. Don’t dream — Do. Just, do. 

  5. You make your own rules, don’t let anyone, any group, any culture or creed, decide what label you should hold; You are your OWN, blossom.

  6. You don’t have to be unclothed to show your natural beauty for it beams from within, Darlin. 🧜🏽‍♀️

  7. When you find something, don’t throw it away. Observe it, understand it and put it down gently — for the next time it appears, you won’t be startled.

  8. Stay away from “What ifs” — pursue it. 🤜🏽

  9. Let your imagination be your bliss. 🎨

  10. Paint sandcastles of kind words and wrap gifts of your rebel spirit.

  11. Your heart is so gentle and genuine, protect it. 🧡

  12. Freedom is in sound — just listen and you will find it; This I’ve experienced. 🔊

  13. Don’t go changing who you are, there’s a slice of you that everyone will appreciate, the way you should appreciate all of thyself. 🥧

  14. The only thing you should part as a young woman, is your hair. Please don’t share one of your greatest gift’s 🎁 with just anyone because they say “I LiKe YoU”

  15. Listen before you speak — develop an understanding of what someone says, to better converse.

  16. You are not your complexion, your hair, your eyes, your shape. You are yourself and that is much deeper.

  17. When someone calls you out of your name, laugh in their face. Unkind words are not going to tear you down for your integrity keeps you a mighty powerhouse.

  18. Do NOT leave the house without a bag/purse. There are things you will want to bring and things you will want to collect. 🎒

  19. It’s okay to cry.  💧

  20. Women/Adults don’t drag other people down, negative spirits do — be respectful and you will receive respect in return.

  21. Speak your mind, as anxious and overwhelmed as you are, you hold so many captivating ideas and your words are an index of beautiful memories. 🧠

-To mumma’s Lil’ Apple Pie.🍏🥧🍏🇺🇸


My Father & I, on my first day of Pre - School, in 2000. One day, I hope to recreate these memories with my own future children and their father too.


Until next time, stay strong and know that on this earth, you belong. - JoyX

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