"1997 was a great year to be born in."


"When did All this start?"

"My father, a talented singer, used to take me to church as a pebble [Pebble - term for baby, toddler or infant], he used to sing in my great-grandfather's church in Springfield, Illinois, where I was born. My soulful tone was influenced by the choir and I would watch my father sing hymns as a bass vocalist. I was moved back and forth across the boarder to Ontario, Canada to live with my mother's side of the family and pursue an education.

"Although being a child, getting up to move from Ontario back to Springfield during holidays, packing up for the summer and taking long car rides, province through state made me very isolated from what people would consider a regular childhood, I was surrounded by the stars in the midnight skies, on those long car rides, we'd stop off at pits and I saw so many different faces, in many different places and many of them smiled back at me. That let me know, no matter where I go, I love what I see and it loves me back; The world truly is a beautiful place when you're little and on the road."

"The music on these trips influenced me to really sing out loud with my parents, especially that of late 50's through 80's (that's all my father had on his CD's.) My mother was pushed by family member's to get me into vocal lessons and so she did. I took vocal lessons from age five through eight and piano lessons age four through ten; soon after, I taught myself how to play the guitar at the age of twelve. I am grateful for my parents consistent nudge to pursue what sets my soul on fire."

"Why are you doing this?"

"My purpose in life is to influence people of all ages to recognize that although this world is a tough place to thrive, you can still thrive. We should love what we are given in such a short amount of time no matter what our circumstances may be because in a blink of an eye, a bad life situation could become a great life situation and the same could follow for someone in better circumstances. It is essential to recognize the time on this earth, is a gift."

"Music is a universal language that I grew up speaking, a lot of us recognize music as a feeling rather than a sound. I love to provide people with a feeling and for them to envision and interpret what they feel, even if that means closing their eyes and having them drift into a mini music video in their heads [Laughs]. I love to detail my life with colour and influence others to do so."

"It is also important to note that it takes time to love one's self. I like to teach that to those that listen to my music and visit my socials. I always want people to know how important it is to respect and love yourself as much as you can. When you treat yourself properly, no one else can make you feel low or hurt you."

"It's a balance of integrity and courage with a little bit of sugar and spice mixed in. Your courage will be the biggest part of your journey, and your integrity is what makes you strong; I encourage that."

"Who Are your Influences?"

"Many of my influences fall under unconventional norms; not solely musicians. I appreciate anyone who has a positive message or a great concept to convey to the world."

"The entertainers who influenced me to make practically anything whether it be music, visually or anything regarding artistic value, I love Jimi Hendrix, Eartha Kitt, Selena, Freda Payne, Hall & Oates, Minnie Riperton, TLC, Prince, Aaliyah, David Bowie, Sade, Michael Jackson, Anita Baker, The Temptations, Shania Twain, Faith Hill; the list goes on forever [Laughs]."

"There hasn't been a day in my life that I can remember, that I haven't been singing a song or playing an instrument. Writing came shortly after of course, and I would spend countless moments with my grandfather outside, singing songs at early hours of the morning, waking up all the neighbours."

"I can say, the only thing that changed from the age of three year's old, is that I am no longer singing my songs on the veranda, I sing them into my microphone for the world to hear and my neighbours too. I'm lucky to have the influences I do around me to push me everyday to become better and strive for higher achievements."

"What Motivates You?"

"Everything I see around me motivates me. I can find the beauty in just about anything, really. Most of all, I adore being in a place of stoic silence when I think of concepts to write new material but when I'm not writing, I'm reflecting and visualizing new ways to reach beautiful people."

"I love fitness dearly, it helps me to focus and train for anything I have to record; why be breathless when I can be prepared?"

"Preparation is key in my world; I lead a very busy lifestyle and I'm always on the go so I have to be diligent in the way I move. Water is another one of those things that motivates me - good for the soul, spirit and mind. It's also good to have on hand when I'm recording incase my voice get's rustyNdry [Laughs]."

"Water heals people and it symbolizes so many great things like motion, transformation, reflecting, depth - I guess you could say I'm motivated by the waves."

There is no life without water.
— Albert Szent-Gyorgyi

"Where Are You Going, Next?"

"Only time can tell but I see myself influencing a culture of people wanting to be expressive in more ways than we are shown. It's in our motion, in our spirits and in more than just our minds. We are powerhouses and everyday we should challenge ourselves to wake up and do something different and new."

"I may go crazy doing it but I'm going to change the world."

"Sly, Cool, Suave -- I enjoy making people around me smile."

"I make music for people with their heart in the ocean." 

"It's your vision -- I just want to be the one to provide the soundtrack for it."


"Make sure that in life you appreciate and respect those around you. It’s not just a virtue, it should be a habitual strategy to make people feel confident and welcome in your presence."

- JoyX